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About Us

Gatling Intelligent Equipment (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. focuses on the product development of intelligent cleaning equipment, and has its own scientific research center and manufacturing plant.
Its washing machine brand is GATLING. Through continuous market research on washing machine applications, five series of 50 series of cold water high pressure washing machines, hot water high pressure washing machines, fuel high pressure washing machines, industrial application high pressure washing machines and intelligent frequency conversion washing units have been formed. products, and 30 product accessories.
Products include: high pressure cleaning machine, pipe dredging machine, high pressure rust remover, water sandblasting machine, sanitation cleaning machine, marine cleaning machine, tank cleaning machine, high pressure pump, degreasing machine, hot water cleaning machine, cleaning technology solutions , explosion-proof high pressure cleaning machine, ultra-high pressure cold water cleaning machine, heat pump high pressure cleaning machine, construction site brushing machine, intelligent frequency conversion unit, sanitation garbage station cleaning system, spray dust suppression unit, animal husbandry application cleaning machine, cement concrete application cleaning machine, etc.
Through independent development, the Gatling brand provides the market with standardized cleaning machine products and customized development of special cleaning application solutions according to customer applications.
The Gatling brand continues to invest in research and development, expand the application of intelligent technology in the cleaning field, solve problems in the cleaning process for customers, enhance the added value of cleaning application technology, and create value for customers.