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Spray equipment product scheme

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Spray equipment product scheme

Are you still troubled by the difficulty of operation and the reduction of yield rate in greenhouses such as agriculture and flowers due to the high temperature?

Are you still confused by the stench of livestock farms, garbage dumps, difficulties in feeding, and complaints from nearby residents?

Are you still having a headache due to the dust in the working environment of the concentrator, discharge port, mine site, road construction, etc.?

Are you still in a dilemma for the high temperature of the outdoor playground in summer, the queue is too hot, and the number of tourists plummets?

In view of the above problems, our company is now launching a new product based on the years of research on spray dust reduction and cooling and the rich experience accumulated in long-term cooperation with corresponding customers Gatling intelligent frequency conversion spray system,One machine can easily solve the above problems, and it is the best choice for agricultural garden flower greenhouses, animal husbandry, mining, construction, textile industry, outdoor waste treatment plants and other industries.

Gatling intelligent frequency conversion spray unit
The intelligent frequency conversion unit produced by GATLING is widely used in spray dust removal, cooling, humidification, static electricity removal, deodorization, etc.
Outlet flow

8L/MIN   480L/H

work pressure






Maximum inlet water temperature


This model has the following advantages:

1. The patented ICC-SYSTEM intelligent central control system can easily realize software control hardware, and the operation is simple and convenient.

2. Industrial-grade high-performance solid ceramic plunger crankshaft pump, precision die-casting, high pressure resistance, long service life and 40bar reliable pressure.

3. The high-density water inlet filter system ensures that the pump body is not affected by impurities in the water and improves the service life.

4. Visual pressure adjustment system, strong Italian pressure regulating valve, easy operation, adjustable pressure from 0-40bar.

5. Equipped with a pressure gauge to view the working pressure more intuitively and understand the hidden dangers in the equipment work in a more timely manner.

6. The integrated steel frame structure design makes the equipment run smoothly and durable.

Agricultural greenhouse, garden flower greenhouse spray

Animal husbandry spray, waste treatment plant deodorization

Central air-conditioning host, spray cooling in outdoor playgrounds

Spray dust removal in mines, construction sites, road construction, furniture factories, etc.

Spray humidification and destaticization in textile industry

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