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Sandblasting and rust removal product scheme-5022

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Sandblasting and rust removal product scheme-5022

Rust is a very common problem for steel structure workpieces, and it is often difficult to eradicate it. At this time, sandblasting and rust removal show its power. Sand blasting and rust removal is to use the water pressure to spray a certain particle size of sand on the rusted surface of the workpiece through a sandblasting gun, which not only achieves rapid rust removal, but also prepares the surface for painting, spraying, electroplating and other processes. After the workpiece is treated by sandblasting and rust removal, the surface can meet the requirements of a clean surface with a certain roughness, thereby improving the bonding force between the covering layer and the part.

The water sandblasting machine AK50 PLUS produced by our company is environmentally friendly and clean, and is worthy of use by the majority of users. It is suitable for any of the following conditions: graffiti removal, paint removal, marine paint removal, rust and corrosion removal, industrial surface and interior paint removal, general metal, stone and wood cleaning, lead and asbestos removal, construction and site cleaning Maintenance and renovation, restoration of monuments and cultural relics, removal of road markings, removal and cleaning of architectural coatings, etc.

Kailian AK50 PLUS Cold Water Pressure Washer 

  KALEN AK50 PLUS - a model of ultra-high pressure washer, originated from Italy's high-end high-pressure washer, with its powerful 500bar pressure and 22L/min large water flow, it has become a powerful tool in high-pressure cleaning equipment. AK50 PLUS is also an industry-wide model. It performs particularly well in the fields of rust removal and paint removal, concrete engineering vehicle cleaning, bridge maintenance, shipbuilding, factory equipment cleaning, etc. It is suitable for cleaning stubborn stains with high strength and persistence. .

1. High-precision industrial-grade solid ceramic plunger crankshaft pump imported from Italy, with high performance, precision die casting, high pressure resistance and long service life.

2. The Italian pump professionally customized European standard industrial-grade high-performance IP55-grade motor provides reliable power, runs smoothly, and ensures long-term continuous working ability.

3. Equipped with a high-density water inlet filter system to filter impurities in the water, effectively protect the pump body and prolong the service life of the pump.

4. Visual pressure gauge and pressure regulating system are used in various pressure sections (the Italian original powerful pressure regulating valve can adjust the pressure from 30-500bar).

5. Equipped with Italian brand double pressure switch control, the equipment is started and closed to ensure that the pump body and the pipeline are prevented from damage caused by long-term pressure shock.

6. The leakage protection device adopts DC24V power supply, which has high safety performance and protects the safety of equipment and operators.

7. Kailian's unique ICC-System intelligent central control system realizes software control of hardware, greatly improving work efficiency and safety.

water flow

22L/min 1320L/H

Standard accessories:

1. Industrial high-pressure pipe 10 meters/piece

2. 1 high-pressure spray gun for Italy

3. 1 stainless steel fan nozzle

work pressure


Maximum inlet water temperature




Rotating speed


Size MM


power supply 3-phase/380V(50)Hz

Water blasting kit (rust removal kit)

AK50 PLUS with the special water sandblasting kit, the rust removal effect is immediate!

Casting Derusting

Ship rust removal

Bridge steel structure derusting

Rust removal applications in the industrial field

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